ISA is a non-profit network of clubs, groups, and organizations from several countries, which are practicing ISA sport disciplines (SPORT JUJUTSU AND SPORT KENJUTSU) on national level and participate occasionally on ISA annual events.

All competition formats in ISA are safe and simple. This is base for our main principle, which we call the "KISS" principle ("Keep It Safe & Simple"). Rules of our SPORT JUJUTSU, and SPORT KENJUTS are available pre demand via email, or can be seen on our Facebook page.

Special honorary titles and grade-recognition diplomas in Jujutsu and Kenjutsu were issued in previous years to most outstanding supporters of ISA activities, active members - national representatives, champions and technical advisors. In this way ISA is recognizing knowledge, skills and regullar attendance to our events for our active members. So far, we have promoted several instructors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, France, Czech Republic and Japan.


IMPORTANT NOTE: ISA does not support self-proclaimed "masters", "grandmasters", "soke" and those who have invented their own "styles", or have received their grades/titles from similar individuals or groups.