Mar. 26, 2016


On December 3rd 2005 the very first National Sport Chanbara Championship was held in Serbia. This event was organized by the Serbian Sports Chanbara Association, sub-organization of Serbian Budo Council, and official member of International Sports Chanbara Association (ISCA) and European sports Chanbara Union (ESCU). The host of the Championship was PANTHER club of martial arts, with Mr. Milan Vujasin as the tournament manager. There were almost 80 competitors from following clubs:
1. PANTHER, Sabac
2. SHINBUKAN, Pozarevac
3. BUDO CLUB Petrovac
5. MUSASHI, Smederevo
6. NIJI RYU Honbu Dojo, Perlez
7. Belgrade section
8. Kraljevo section
9. TAIJUTSU, Vrsac
10. NIJI RYU Dojo, Stajicevo

Officials and referees of this championship were: Dr. Ivica Zdravkovic from Pozarevac, (4th Dan ISCA), president of Serbian Sports Chanbara Association, Chief National referee; Srdjan Ilic, from Petrovac (2nd Dan), president of Serbian Budo Council, coach of Petrovac team, National referee; Slobodan Saric, from Pozarevac (2nd Dan), National referee; Igor Kesic from Smederevo, coach of MUSASHI team, assistant referee; Srdjan Spasic (1st Dan) from Pozarevac, coach of SHINBUKAN team; Adrijana Barsi from Vrsac, coach of GOSHINKAN team, assistant referee; Miroslav Milojevic from Perlez, coach of NIJI RYU Honbu Dojo team, assistant referee; Srdjan Ratkovic from Vrsac, coach of TAIJUTSU team; Predrag Prodanov, coach of NIJI RYU Stajicevo team, assistant referee.

Whole competition was well organized and despite many categories whole day went smoothly. The most successful senior competitors with gold medals in several disciplines were Srdjan Spasic from Pozarevac and Ivana Ilic from Smederevo. Srdjan Spasic also won the trophy as the first GRANDCHAMPION in Serbia. Best results in senior concurences were made by SHINBUKAN, MUSASHI and GOSHINKAN. In younger concurrences the best clubs were from Petrovac and Sabac.

All winners have received gold medals, and the four best in each category received diplomas.

After official end of the Championship the first JUJUTSU MIX KUMITE competition was held. This experimental tournament, called PANTHER CUP, was organized for youth categories - all under 16. There were 7 weight/age/sex categories, 2 for girls and 5 for boys. Eight clubs have participated here, with over 40 fighters. Among the most impressive fighters were young ones from Petrovac, Sabac, Perlez, Kraljevo and Vrsac.

We congratulate all and send preliminary invitation of upcoming events organized by Serbian Budo Council. We will try to have NATIONAL BUDO GAMES in February 2006, with three disciplines: Sport Kenjutsu (all ages), Jujutsu Kata (all ages) and Jujutsu Mix Kumite (elementary school pupils). This event should take place in Vrsac, with joint organization of Goshinkan and Taijutsu clubs.

Members of National Sports Chanbara Team will be soon announced and invited to participate on 3rd European Championship in Italy, April 2006.