Mar. 26, 2016

3rd European Championship in Sports Chanbara

On 30th of April 2006 the 3rd European Sports Chanbara Championship was held in Salerno, Italy. Following countries have participated on this nice event: Italy, France, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Georgia and Poland. There were near 150 competitors divided in several age and sex categories. Near 60 senior male competitors fought in disciplines of Kihon Dosa (basic form), Kodachi (short sword), Choken Free (long sword - free style), Choken Ryote (long sword - traditional double grip), Tate Kodachi (shield and short sword), Nito (two swords, short and long) and Tanto (knife).

In final matches between winners in all disciplines young Alain Girot (1985) from France won the title of Grandchampion. The most successful teams by number of medals were from Italy, France and Russia. KIAI and SBC member Ivica Zdravkovic won silver medal in Tanto.

Whole event was supervised by Chanbara founder Tetsundo Tanabe. He was assisted by excellent Kenichi Hosokawa sensei, former world champion and main referee, and also by Yamanaka sensei, who gave a superb demonstration of Eishin Ryu iaido during introductory seminar. Seminar was ran by Yan Poedinkov sensei from Russia and the host, Giovanni Desidario sensei from Italy. Next European Championship is scheduled for May 2007 in Odessa, Ukraine.