Mar. 26, 2016

European Budo Games 2006

From 2nd to 4th of June the Imotski town in Dalmatia, CROATIA, hosted EUROPEAN BUDO GAMES, organized by EUROPEAN BUDO COUNCIL. This event was filled with friendly atmosphere and fair-play. Following national jujutsu and sport kenjutsu teams have participated:


There were near 100 participants on these games.

Serbian National Budo Team was composed of members from Serbian Budo Council. There were contestants from Sremska Mitrovica, Pozarevac, Vrsac, Sabac and Smederevo.

On 2nd of June there he official opening ceremony took place in Imotski Sport Hall in front of couple hundreds of observers. Demonstration of martial arts was also held, with participation of several clubs from Croatia. All participants were greeted by the representatives of Imotski, representatives of Croatian parliament, and also by the host of Budo games, Mr. Hrvoje Znaor. Demonstration of Serbian team was warmly welcomed, especially the jujutsu kata demo of Serbian champions Nikolovski and Trivkovic.

On Saturday 3rd of June a large seminar was organized with participation from all teams. Teachers on his seminar were Bob Ross sensei from Scotland (8th Dan Jujutsu), Peter Rosendahl sensei from Germany (5th Dan Judo), Ivica Zdravkovic sensei from Serbia (5th Dan Kenjutsu) and Nick Sleep sensei from England (4th Dan Aiki Jujutsu). Members of Serbian National team have visited Split and Makarska in the afternoon. We must emphasize particularly warm welcome and pleasant hospitality of our hosts in Imotski, as well as all the other people who were a bit surprised with this unexpected visit from Serbia.

Sunday 4th of June was the sporting day, reserved for European Cup in japanese swordsmanship (Sport kenjutsu) and ju-jutsu (SPort jujutsu). National Budo team from Serbia made following results:

1. Sport kenjutsu

In concurrence of 29 men from Serbia, Croatia, Italy, Bosnia & Herzegovina, England and Czech Republic, winner was Mr. Giancarlo De Tullio from Italy, chanbara sensei. Silver medal and the title of vice-champion went to Srdjan Spasic from Serbia, current Serbian chanbara Grandchampion. Two bronze medals also went to Serbian swordsmen, Igor Kesic and Vladan Stevic. In female concurrence there were 8 contestants from Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy and Czech Republic. Adrijana Barsi from Serbia became the European Champion. Silver medal was won by Ljiljana Zdravkovic from Serbia. Jitka Zavadova from Czech Republic and Marija Milosevic from Serbia won bronze medals. Serbian national team was the most successful on kenjutsu tournament, with 6 medal won out of 8.

2. Sport Jujutsu - kata (demonstration of self-defense)

In concurrence of 7 pairs from Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, England and Czech Republic, the best pair were Vladimir Nikolic and Nenad Trivkovic from Serbia. Congratulations to their coach Aleksandar Alimpic. Silver medal went to Czech Republic Team, to Dejan Kostic sensei and Vladimir Bilek. Bronze medals went to Serbia (Nikola Dimitrijevic & Ljubomir Bjelajac) and to Bosnia & Herzegovina (Vevad Livnjak & Senad Ibrahimpasic). In concurrence of female and mix pairs, National team did not have any representatives. Best results were made by Croatian pairs. Golden medal went to Drazen Sabados and Drazenka Sabados, a pair which is dominating in this discipline for las few years in Balkan region.

3. Sport Jujutsu - kumite (fights)

There were around 50 contestants, divided in 6 male and one female category. Following members of Serbian national budo teams won european titles:

Gold medal: Pivac Branko from Vrsac, -69kg
Silver medals: Sasa Stajic from Vrsac, -69kg, Stefan Knezevic from Sabac, -56kg
Bronze medals: Nebojsa Manjencic from Sabac, -94kg, Nikola Dimitrijevic from Pozarevac, -69kg, Bojan Bakos from Vrsac - 62kg, Gabrijel Gaspar from Vrsac -56kg.

Refereeing during the games was done by several referees on behalf of Serbia, including Ivica Zdravkovic and Srdjan Spasic (female kenjutsu), Ljiljana Zdravkovic (male kenjutsu), Milan Vujasin sensei, president of Serbian Budo Council (kata) and Srdjan Ratkovic sensei, Board member of SBC (kata).