Mar. 26, 2016

4th Sport Chanbara European Championship

This 4th Sport Chanbara European Championship was held on last weekend of April 2007 in Odessa (Ukraine). Championship was attended by Japanese delegation, headed by Sport Chanbara founder, Tanabe Tetsundo kaicho. There were following national teams on the tournament: Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Moldova, Poland, France and Serbia. Unfortunately, teams from Germany, Italy and few more countries that were expected did not show up. In a strong concurrence, Serbian competitor Milos Zec won silver medal in Kyu grade category in choken discipline, and thus became European vice-champion. For this success he is promoted to Shodan Chanbara and is accepted as new KIAI member. In team fight concurrence Serbia took 4th place. KIAI members from Serbia Ivica Zdravkovic, Srdjan Spasic and Igor Kesic competed and were active as referees during Dan & Kyu competition.

Grandchampions in individual concurrence became Yan Poedinkov (Russia) in fights, and Vladislav Petrovsky (Ukraine) in Kata. In team concurrence the first place in fights belonged to Estonia and the best team in kata was Russia. Outstanding performance was shown from French and Latvian teams. Next European Championship will be held during April 2008 in Estonia.