Mar. 26, 2016

Vršac 2007

On December 1st 2007 Serbian Budo Council (SBC) held its 3rd National Shinbudo Games with Serbian Open Jujutsu Cup and Serbian Sports Chanbara Cup. There were 130 competitors in Jujutsu (fights and kata) and 60 competitors in chanbara (sport kenjutsu), many participating in both sports. A total of nearly 150 contestants were on the lineup in the "Millennium" center. Aside from SBC clubs from Vrsac, Pozarevac, Petrovac, Sabac, Belgrade, Smederevo and Vlaski Do, SBC had guests from Bosnia & Hercegovina.

Competition was well organized and the competitors showed great sportsmanship and quality of technique. The best in all categories were presented with medals and diplomas. Once more SBC proved its leading role in Serbian Sport Jujutsu.

There were several promotions within the system of SHINBUDO (combined Chanbara/Sport Kenjutsu with Jujutsu Mix Kumite and Jujutsu Kata): Black belts were given to Adrijana Barshi, Igor Kesic, Srdjan Spasic and Vladan Stevic.