Mar. 27, 2016

OSAKA DOJO Anniversary, Emden, Germany 2007

On 15th of December 2007 Dr. Ivica Zdravkovic participated on a 10 Years Anniversary Seminar of Osaka Dojo in Emden, Germany. Host of the event was Mr. Jens Fricke, shihan and president of IMAF-Europe Branch Germany. Among other distinguished guests of the seminar were also heads and representatives of IMAF -Europe, including Geoff Benoy sensei and Andre Le Capitaine sensei from Belgium, Tony Johnson sensei from UK, Mr. Sylwester Czarnota from Poland, etc. Special guests of the event were heads of Iranian martial system called Razmavaran - very similar in certain aspects to taekwondo. There were over 100 people in the practice room, training on four areas.

Jens sensei has received numerous presents during this celebration and it was obvious that he makes a great contribution not just only to his Osaka Dojo members, but also to entire IMAF-Europe and martial arts community in general. This fine sportsman, coach, teacher and a champion is more than valuable to his students, peers and associates.

During the seminar, Dr. Zdravkovic taught kenjutsu and jujutsu. Also, he introduced Sports chanbara to Osaka Dojo members. On behalf of German IMAF-Europe branch, Jens sensei gave Dr. Zdravkovic a certificate of honorary advisor for jujutsu. On behalf of European Budo Council Dr. Zdravkovic presented Jens Fricke sensei with the Diploma of appointment to the position of EBC Director for Traditional Weapons (Kobudo). Jens sensei and his team are invited to join future EBC events, and Serbian Budo Council is invited to join IMAF-Europe as Serbian representative.