Mar. 27, 2016

KIAI President in Serbia

On the last weekend of March, as a guest of Shinbukan school from Pozarevac, Mr. Phil Scudieri, kenjutsu hanshi and KIAI president, visited Serbia again. This was his second visit to Serbia. Mr. Alex Kaznica arrived too as an assistant to hanshi Scudieri.

On Friday 28th of March a seminar was held in Petrovac na Mlavi, for students of sensei Srdjan Ilic' Martial Arts Club. Mr. Scudieri was very pleased with the work and presentation of girls - members of Demo team from Petrovac.

On Saturday and Sunday seminar took place in Pozarevac. Advanced sword arts practitioners from Serbian Budo Clubs of Pozarevac, Petrovac, Vlaski Do, Smederevo and Vrsac attended three classes. Hanshi Scudieri focused his teaching on traditional aspects of Japanese sword arts.

At the end of the seminar, as a gift from USA friends Ralph Rushell, Phil Scudieri and members of his Delaware Budokan, dr. Ivica Zdravkovic, KIAI founder and president of Serbian Budo Council, was presented with original Japanese sword 70 years old. Dr. Zdravkovic announced that this valuable sword will be a heritage to all future head instructors of Shinbukan school.

During his stay in Serbia, Mr. Scudieri visited Belgrade, Pozarevac, Viminacium, Veliko Gradiste, Srebrno Jezero, Petrovac na Mlavi and monastery Gornjak.