Mar. 27, 2016

World Sport Chanbara Championship, Japan 2008

On Sunday 23rd of November 2008 the 34th World Championship in Sports Chanbara took place in Sports hall of Yokohama City Gymnasium. Team from Serbia also participated on this championship, with four competitors: Ivica Zdravkovic (also refereed in final matches), Milos Zec, Adrijana Barsi, Igor Kesic. There were 29 countries from all continents, with near 700 competitors on 22 fight areas. The most successful were Japan, Italy, France, Russia and Egypt.

Serbian team placed 5-8th place in Kihon Dosa team discipline. Special success was made by Adrijana Barsi, reaching 5th place in Kihon Dosa among Kyu grades, because male and female competitors competed together. There were 40, 50 or even 80 competitors in each category/discipline. Ivica Zdravkovic reached 5th place in Dan grades Kihon Dosa division, and Igor Kesic and Milos Zec entered among 8 best Kyu-grade competitors in Nito discipline.

Founder of Sport Chanbara movement master Tanabe made exceptional welcoming and farewell parties for all competitors, with co-operation of his assistants from All-Japan Sport Chanbara Association. As usually, the most hospitable were Hosokawa sensei, Yamanaka sensei, Tabuchi sensei...

After the end of the competition, team from Serbia visited Tokyo and Kodokan Judo Institute, Aikikai Honbu Dojo, Nippon Budo Kan and the Emperor's Palace. Team members give thanks to main sponsors, Telenor and Serbian Railways, as well as to other organizations and individuals who had helped bringing Serbian flag to World championship in Japan.