Mar. 27, 2016

5th Serbian Spochan Championship

On Saturday 11th of April Smederevo hosted 5th Serbian Sport Chanbara Championship, as well as an Open Jujutsu Kata Cup for youth categories. This competition gathered representatives from clubs and sections from Smederevo, Pozarevac, Petrovac na Mlavi, Sabac, Vrsac, Vlaski Do and Belgrade. There were around 100 contestants of all ages. Serbian Sport Chanbara competitors demonstrated high technical level, which is promising good results on European Championship scheduled for 2010 in Romania.

After competition, The Board of Management of Serbian Budo Council (SBC) held a meeting. It is decided that the next 6th National Sports Chanbara Championship should be organized by specialized Spochan federation, which indicates that currently active Sport Chanbara Association of Serbia (SCAS) within SBC should be deactivated immediately after registration of aforementioned federation. Same conclusion was made about Serbian Jujutsu Championships and current Sport Jujutsu Association of Serbia (SJAS).

As of 2010. Serbian Budo Council will organize only International Shinbudo Games within International Shinbudo Association (ISA) and National Shinbudo Games (Sport Jujutsu & Sport Kenjutsu Serbian Cup, with disciplines same as in ISA). All clubs and sections of SBC are allowed to organize their own competitions under the rules and with categories and disciplines they select. In addition, they are allowed to participate on competitions of other martial arts associations. Except organization of National and International Shinbudo Games, SBC will organize at least one annual major seminar with international participation. Also, SBC will take its National team to competitions organized by European Budo Council and other organizations which are in Serbia represented by SBC.