Mar. 27, 2016


On Saturday and Sunday 13-14 June 2009 Serbian Budo Council organized a seminar in Sabac with Dr. Don Cunningham as a chief instructor. Dr. Cunningham from USA is a world renowned author of books about Japanese samurai weapons and the art of Taiho Jutsu, and he also holds advanced ranks in Japanese martial arts, including Kodokan Judo license. Seminar was attended by 100 participants from Serbian Budo Council and 10 participants from friendly clubs from Bosnia & Herzegovina.
During the first day of the gathering there was a judo seminar, with exam for judo black belts and lower grades. Rank of 1st Dan Judo according to Kodokan requirements is awarded to: Ragib Karamehmedovic, Irena Serna, Predrag Marjanovic, Budimir Bovan, Vladan Stevic, Adrijana Barsi, Milan Vujasin, Slobodan Drakulic, Milica Sumonja, Andjela Pavlovic, Marija Bosijokovic, Aleksandra Bosijokovic, Jelena Nenadovic. Beside them, the rank 2. DAN Judo is awarded to Srdjan Ilic. A small judo tournament for youngest contestants was held afterwards.

Next day Dr. Cunningham held a seminar in Taiho Jutsu, during which he demonstrated arrest methods with Jutte, and also tying/restraining methods with Torihimo. On behalf of his organization dedicated to perseverance of techniques and traditions of Edo samurai police in Japan, Dr. Cunningham promoted leaders of clubs from Serbian Budo Council, Budo Council of Bosnia & Herzegovina and Martial Arts Academy from Brcko (BiH) to appropriate ranks/titles of "Doshin". President of Serbian Budo Council, Dr. Ivica Zdravkovic, got the rank/title of "Yoriki".

Seminar was well organized and hosted by Mr. Milan Vujasin, sensei of "Panther" club from Sabac. Opening of the seminar was attended by Mr. Tanaka, representative of Japanese Embassy in Serbia.

Participants were inspired with knowledge and cheerful spirit of Dr. Don Cunningham. We all hope to see Don sensei in Serbia again. On behalf of International Shinbudo Association, a sport-focused organization with 10 member countries, Don sensei is promoted to title of Jujutsu Shihan, with rank of 5th Dan.