Mar. 27, 2016


In the beginning of November 2009 team from Serbian Budo Council and Sport Chanbara Association of Serbia visited Japan second time in a row in last two years. Direct reason for this trip was participation on 35th World championship in Sport Chanbara, which was held in Yokohama on 7. and 8. November. Serbian team members Milos Zec, Igor Kesic and Ivica Zdravkovic competed amongst 20 other nations. Milos Zec entered the 6 world best short sword (kodachi) fighters.

Ivica Zdravkovic used his stay in Japan to visit Kyoto and meet the leaders of All Japan Budo Federation - Nippon Seibukan, where he had participated on a joint class (upon previous invitation) and verified his instructional title in Jujutsu (Nihon Jujutsu) and Kenjutsu.

Team from Serbia also had the pleasure of training in Central dojo of Kokusai Budoin, where the Nihon Jujutsu system of Shizuya Sato sensei is taught. Finally, members of Serbian team once more visited the Imperial palace in Tokyo, Tokyo National museum and the old quarter in Asakusa with Sensouji temple.

On their way forth and back from Japan, Serbian team members spent two nights in Istanbul, where they visited famous Blue Mosque, Ayah Sofia and bridges on Bosfor. Team members give thanks to their general sponsor, Telenor company.