Mar. 27, 2016

Shinbukan Judo testing and tournament

On Saturday 12th June 2010 theShinbukan school of martial arts in Pozarevac hosted examination for judo belts and a small tournament at the end of the season. Event was attended by 100 competitors from clubs from Pozarevac, Petrovac na Mlavi, Vlaski Do, Smederevo, Belgrade and Novi Sad. The host of the competition was Dr. Ivica Zdravkovic, on the occasion of his recent promotion to the rank 7th Dan Jujutsu, given by Martial Arts International Federation (MAIF).

Beside Zdravkovic sensei, other examiner was Srdjan Ilic, jujutsu instructor (Shihan, 5th Dan) who also holds the rank of 2nd Dan in judo.

Almost all candidates have passed the exam for advanced ranks. New holders of black belt in judo are: Boban Peric, Slobodan Tomic, Darko Stojilković, Vanja Paunovic, Danijel Raduljević, Ljubica Pavlovic and Andrea Samardzija. Rank of 2nd Dan is given Vladan Stevic, who already holds 3rd Dan in Jujutsu.

After the exam, a small judo and Japanese fencing tournament was held. Given that the results of this tournament were not so important, competitors unburdened with medals demonstrated fights above the average level of quality. For the first time members of the Serbian Budo Council applied kendo rules withtheir equipment for sport kenđucu (chanbara), which proved to be very interesting. Fencing duels were tense and more dynamic than before.

As a special attraction a sumo competition was held in which the smallest "sumo" fighters from clubs in Pozarevac, Petrovac and Vlaski Do tested their strenghts on the improvised arena. In the final match between Luka Ilic and Aleksandar Acimovic, Acimovic became the first "Yokozuna" of unofficial children's sumo league of Serbian Budo Council.

The contest went in the good organization with no no injuries. The next larger meeting of Serbian Budo Council sportsmen is scheduled for 27 June on Zlatibor.