Mar. 27, 2016

KENSA KIKAN seminar in Hungary 2010

On Saturday and Sunday 16-17 October 2010 the Hungarian town of Békéscsaba hosted "KENSA KIKAN" seminar, which brought together national representatives of Zen Nihon Budo Renmei - Nippon Seibukan (All Japan Budo Federation, based in Kyoto) from Hungary, Spain, Romania and Serbia. This meeting was attended by about 100 practitioners from jujutsu, aikido, kenjutsu, karate ... The host of the meeting was renshi Gregor Laszlo, the 5th Dan Karate (ZNBR-NS). Beside host, seminar was led by hanshi Dr. Barrera from Spain, 9th Dan Nihon Jujutsu, Shibucho for the Western hemisphere on behalf of ZNBR-NS. Also, teachers on seminar were hanshi Robert Manolle from Romania, 8 Dan Nihon Goshin Jutsu (ZNBR-NS), and renshi Dr. Ivica Zdravkovic from Serbia, 5 Dan Nihon Kenjutsu (ZNBR-NS). Seminar was held in a friendly atmosphere, with presentation of techniques from Yawara, Tanto, Kenjutsu and Karate. More members of Serbian Budo Council had attended this gathering: Srdjan Ilic sensei (5th Dan), Adriana Barsi sensei (3rd Dan), Ivan Obradovic sensei (3rd Dan), Milica Šumonja (1st Dan), Sandra Jovanovic, Ljiljana Zdravkovic. Head instructors were given trophies and certificates, and all the participants have received certificates on behalf of ZNBR-NS. Our thanks to the host of the seminar for fine organization, as well as to all the participants and instructors!