Mar. 27, 2016

Serbian Jujutsu Open 2010

On Saturday 13th November 2010. the 7th Open Jujitsu Championship of Serbia took place in Sabac. This was also the third Tsubota Cup, named so in honor of representatives of Japanese Embassy. Host of the competition was Milan Vujasin sensei and his club "Panther". Competition was attended by 90 competitors of all ages. Following clubs took part in the championship: Panther Sabac, KBV Petrovac, Šinbukan Pozarevac, Jujutsu Club Vlaski So, Seibukan Belgrade, Heian-Do Temerin, AJJ Club Crvenka, Jujitsu Club Dunav Novi Sad, AJJ Club Čajetina and friends from the Shindokan club Sarajevo. Congratulations to all medal winners and thanks to the host and judges for the excellent organization.