Mar. 27, 2016

Aikido exam in Serbia, 2010

On Saturday 11th December 2010. Shinbukan school in Pozarevac hosted teh exam for aikido grades, organized on behalf of Serbian Budo Council. The examiner and leader of the seminar was jujutsu shihan Ragib Karamehmedovic, 3 Dan Aikido, head of Budo Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and sensei of SHINDOKAN dojo in Sarajevo. Together with the sensei Ragib from Sarajevo came five candidates for black belt in aikido. Exam was attended by 40 candidates from Serbian Budo Council clubs in Pozarevac, Petrovac na Mlavi, Vlaski Do, Vrsac, Belgrade.

Testing went in excellent atmosphere, according to a combined program of Aikikai, Yoshinkan and Tomiki Aikido styles, in which sensei Ragib and instructors of Serbian Budo Council have previously verified grades. Exam was also held on belhalf of the organization MAIF, in which Ragib sensei holds Dan and examiner license.

At the end of a successful test, black belt in aikido is given to Darko Stojilkovic and Kosta Bobic (Shinbukan, Pozarevac), Vladan Stevic (Ippon, Belgrade), Aleksandra Bosijokovic, Marija Bosijokovic, Jovana Djordjevic, Jelena Nenadovic (JJK Vlaski Do), Srdjan Ilic, Milica Šumonja and Aleksandra Miletic (KBV Petrovac na Mlavi), Adrijana Barsi (Goshinkan, Vrsac), as well as to members of the Sarajevo Shindokan dojo: Budimir Bovan, Alen Bosnjakovic, Samir Arapcic, Maho Gutošić and Predrag Marjanovic (got 2nd Dan).

This exam ends the second year of a cycle in which Serbian Budo Council organizes additional training and specialization in the arts of judo, aikido and karate for its jujutsu practitioners. After organizing judo exam in 2009 (Don Cuunningham sensei, USA) and this aikido exam, we shal the cycle in 2011 with karate exam, which will also be held before the renowned instructors from abroad.

Serbian Budo Council would like to thank Ragib Karamehmedović sensei and his assistants for most friendly visit, exam and seminar, which was attended by near 70 practitioners. Successful cooperation of Serbian Budo Council and Budo Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina will continue in the future through the activities of International Shinbudo Association and MAIF.