Mar. 27, 2016

2nd National Martial Arts Games

On Sunday, 5th June 2011 second National Martial Arts Games were held in Sports hall in Belgrade. These Gamese are part of World Martial Arts Gamese movement (WMAG). The organizer was Martial Arts Association of Serbia (MAAS) and president of the organization, Boris Busic sensei. Competition was attended by 170 competitors from clubs in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Cajetina, Kragujevac, Pozarevac, Sabac, Vrsac, Smederevo, Vlaski Do, Kovin... Over 100 contestants in this tournament were from clubs of Serbian Budo Council (SBC). Competition was held in several disciplines under the rules of WMAG (grappling, forms with and without weapons, continuous sparring, selfdefence demonstrations), as well as in the disciplines "Total combat" (MAAS rules) and "Mix Kumite" (SBC rules). Congratulations to all competitors, coaches, referees and hosts.