Mar. 27, 2016


Over the weekend of 15th and 16th October 2011. year, "Open Challenge Petrovac 2011" tournament was held in Petrovac, which gathered jujutsu, judo and chanbara club members from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Netherlands, Romania and Italy. On the lineup of the opening ceremony there were near 170 competitors, including competitors from following clubs and sections of Serbian Budo Council: Petrovac, Pozarevac, Vlaški Do, Vrsac, Sabac, Čajetina, Novi Sad and Smederevo. Competition was opened by the Ambassador of Japan in Serbia, in the presence of distinguished guests from local government and Miss. Tanja Petrović, Serbian legend of karate sport. Serbian Budo Council (SBC) has once again demonstrated that it is the largest and the best oranized sport jujutsu organization in Serbia.

On the first day of competition athletes were competing in the disciplines of Jujutsu kata and Mix Kumite. On the second day of competition there was Chanbara competition (this event was also Serbian Open Championship in Chanabara, 7th in a row, under the auspices of the Serbian Sport Chanbara Association, which is active within Serbian Budo Council) and Judo copmetition (freestyle Judo, "grapling") . Exceptional skill was demonstrated by guests from abroad, from BUJUTSUKAN organization in Bosnia, which is headed by sensei Stojan Lukic; also, great skill was demonstrated from chanbara competitors from Italy, led by Dario Capua sensei; finally, we had extreme pleasure to see once more the skills of the father and son Herbert, now legendary Dutchmen who for years have dominated the international competitions in the disciplines of judo and Brazilian jujitsu.

An excellent host and organizer of the entire tournament was shihan Srdjan Ilic, head of martial arts club in Petrovac. This competition was also organized and sponsored by the International Shinbudo Association (ISA), which brings together sport jujutsu and sport kenjucu/chanbara competitors from several countries.