Mar. 27, 2016

Nippon Seibukan seminar in Romania Timisoara, November 2011

On 19th of November 2011. in Timisoara/Romania under organization of Nippon Seibukan Foundation of Romania a martial arts seminar was held with presense of Nippon Seibukan and Zen Nippon Sogo Budo Renmei instructors from Romania, Spain, Hungary and Serbia. The hosts of the seminar were Hanshi Robert Mannole and Sensei Bogdan Alic from Romania, very good organizers full of hospitality. Beside them, the lecturers of the event were hanshi Barrera from Spain, renshi Gregor Laszlo from Hungary and renshi Ivica Zdravkovic of Serbia. Assistant to Dr. Zdravkovic was Sensei Adrjiana Barsi, vice-president of Serbian Budo Council. The team from Serbia is particularly grateful to Ples Marcel sensei, who was our excellent host on the first night

The two-day seminar was focused on self-defense. Self-defense was also taught to the people with special needs, which was very impressive.

The next gathering of masters from Nippon Seibukan academy is scheduled for October 2012, again in Romania, with all European representatives, and also with leading instructors from Japan.