Mar. 27, 2016

NIPPON KEMPO - the 1st Serbian Cup

On 10th of December 2011. in Shinbukan school in Pozarevac the first Nippon Kempo Cup of Serbia was held. This competition brought together some 60 participants from clubs of Serbian Budo Council from Pozarevac, Petrovac, Smederevo, Čajetina and Vlaski Do.

Competition passed in a friendly atmosphere, without injuries and with lot of attractive techniques, which showed that our jujutsu practitioners can relatively easily addopt to the žrules Nippon of Kempo. This event marked termination of Mix kumite competitions ot tournaments of Serbian Budo Council and International Shinbudo Association, which will be replaced with Nippon Kempo and "Judo grappling". Next Nippon Kempo competition in Serbia is announced for the 3rd March, again in Pozarevac, and we also plan to cooperate with Nippon Kempo organizations in Japan, Italy, France, Russia, Ukraine, etc..