Mar. 27, 2016

International Nippon Kempo Championship, Italy 2012

Team of Serbian Budo Council composed of 17 athletes from Pozarevac, Petrovac, Sabac, Cajetina and Vlaski Do attended the International Nippon Kempo Cup in Italy on 17th March 2012. This event took place in Malnate near Varese, a citz close to Milan. Team was headed by Dr. Ivica Zdravkovic and sensei Srdjan Ilic, accompanied with Radiša Spasojevic from Čajetina. International cup was well organiyed by the Italian Federation of Nippon kempo, FINK. The lineup gathered 160 competitors from Italy, France, Mexico, Serbia, Albania and Tunisia. head sensei of event was shihan Sakakura, 7. Dan Nippon Kempo, a Japanese who is living in Mexico for decades. Shihan Sakakura held a three-hours seminar of Nippon kempo on Sunday 18th March.

The best results among Serbian athletes were made by juniors, who won six medals (Ljubica Pavlovic Andjela Pavlovic, Jovana Nenadović, Borislav Ilic, Milos Stankovic, Aleksandra Miletic), while among the seniors only Ivan Karic won a medal. The competition was very strong, with 15-20 competitors in each category. Winning 7 medals out of 30 medals on this tournament is a great success for the international debut of our team.

While in Italy, team of Serbian Budo Council visited Trieste and Venice, which will be an excellent memory for young athletes.

Nippon kempo in Serbia will be developed under the auspices of Serbian Budo Council, within its special body formed under the name of Nippon Kempo Council of Serbia. This association was awarded by the Italian hosts and is recognized by master Sakakura and other teams as a new member of international Nippon kempo community.