Mar. 27, 2016

7th European Sport Chanbara Championship

The 7th European Championship in Sport chanbara (spochan) was held on Sunday 29th of April 2012 in Moscow, Russia. Team of Serbia also participated in the championship with Ivica Zdravkovic (judge), Adriana Barsi (competitor and judge), Milos Kostic and Petar Bozic, members of clubs "Shinbukan" Požarevac and "Goshinkan" Vrsac. Beside Serbs and the host, Russia, among the 110 competitors on this tournament there were also representatives of Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Italy and Germany. Championship was conducted by chanbara founder himself, master Tetsundo Tanabe of Japan, with its main assistant, Hosokawa sensei. The most successful teams were Russia, Italy and Estonia. President og Sport Chanbara Association of serbia, Miss. Adrijana Barsi, won silver medal in the senior female division. Milos Kostic placed from 5-8, which is a good result, considering his division had nearly 40 competitors. The next European Championship will be held 2014 in Germany.