Mar. 27, 2016


From May 9th 2013 till May 18th 2013 a small squad of Serbian Budo Council has been in Japan. Ivica, Slobodan, Andjela and Ljubica were hosted by Kenji Nakazawa sensei, founder of Aikisambo (aka "Nakazawa Ryu Aiki Jujutsu"), an experienced master of Aikido, and a long time student of various other budo arts, including judo, Shorinji kempo, Eishin Ryu battodo, etc. All Serbian guests were accommodated by Mr. Brad Bell, an incredibly hospitable gentleman, working as an engineer in US navy base in Yokosuka.

During this amazing tour, Serbian team has visited Tokyo, Kamakura, Kawasaki and Yokosuka. Pilgrimage included training in Kodokan Judo Institute, visiting Aikikai Honbu Dojo, and grave of modern karate founder, Funakoshi Gichin. Also, it was a great honor to train in Eishin Ryu dojo with Matsumoto sensei, to give Enbu (demonstration) with other budo teams on base in Yokosuka, and to train in Aikisambo of Nakazawa sensei. Serbian team met again with another old friend, shihan Toshiyasu Yamada, head of Sekiguchi Ryu Battojutsu.

With innumerable memories, words are insufficient to express this life-time adventure.