Mar. 28, 2016

Judo seminar and tournament, Serbia 2013

On Saturday 22nd of June 2013 in Shinbukan school of martial arts in Pozarevac a judo seminar was held under the leadership of master Stephan Leifeld from Germany, the president of German Judo Federation and member of the World Judo Federation (WJF). Seminar was attended by representatives of clubs from Pozarevac, Kostolac, Vlaski Do, Čajetina, Kraljevo and Aleksinac, near 45 people. Upon completion of the seminar, a small judo tournament was held too. On the final ceremony participants got diplomas, medals and belts. Serbian Budo Council became richer in several judo black belts holders, among which some have received higher DAN grades (Milan Vujasin and Adrijana Barsi 2nd Dan, Ivica Zdravkovic 4th Dan). The next day, master Leield was a guest of club in Sabac, where he also held a successful seminar.

This seminar was conducted as part of the activities of Serbian Budo Council as a member of the national sports federation "Association Sport for all of Serbia" (ASFAS). This association is a member of international Association "Sport for All", TAFISA, in which the World Judo Federation is a full member.