Mar. 28, 2016

MMA Tournament of Serbian Budo Council

On Friday, 5th of July. 2013 in the hall of the Technical School in Kostolac an exsibition amateur MMA tournament was organized by Serbian Budo Council and Ju-jitsu club Kostolac, on the occasion of the World Day Against Drug Selling, under the motto "Sport against drugs." This tournament was opened by Dr med. Ivica Zdravkovic, coordinator for health education in Kostolac and president of Serbian Budo Council. In front of about 70 visitors there were fifteen fighst under safe amateur rules of Serbian Budo Council. There were competitors from Kostolac (Kosta, Ivan, Milan, Jovan, Strahinja, Milos, Stefan ...), from Pozarevac (Alekssandar, Darko, Ognjen, Milos, Kristijan, Jovana, Julijana ...) and from Vlaški Do (Jana, Jelena, Aleksandra, Marija, Milica, Anđela ...). In addition to fifteen fights under the amateur rules BSS, on this small tournament there were also semi-pro fighters Aleksandar Stojkovic and Darko Stojilkovic, who had already performed at MMA matches in the ring. Presentation of classical Jiu-jitsu self-defensewas given by members of Vlaški Do club. All participants have received gold or silver medals. serbian Budo Council and Health center Kostolac give thanks for the help in the organization of this tournament to the most active members of Ju-jitsu club Kostolac, black belt holders, Ivan Blagojevic,Kosta bobić and Milan Ivkovic. After a successful first amateur MMA tournament under the rules of SBC (which are also known as "Kempo Jujutsu"), we expect similar tournaments to be organized in the future, or that this discipline will become one of the official disciplines in tournaments of SBC.