Mar. 28, 2016

Serbian national Jujutsu Championships, Zlatibor, October 2013

During weekend of 19-20 of October 2013 Serbian Budo Council (SBC) has organized its 8th National Championship on mountain Zlatibor. On the first day of gathering we had a technical seminar, which was focused on basic techniques applied in Sport jujutsu. Seminar was run by Dr. Ivica Zdravkovic, president of SBC. After that, the General Assembly of SBC had its meeting, with near 25 of active instructors participating. Some major decisions were made on this session, including election of new Board of SBC, decision about the calendar for 2014, discussion and conclusions about the sport rules in the future, and formation of new national Serbian Ju-Jitsu Union.

On Sunday 20th of October, we had large National championships, with near 140 participants from 17 Serbian clubs. Entire event was well organized, supported by the local government of Cajetina town. We all give our thanks to host, sensei Radisa Spasojevic, who is running "SHOGUN" jujutsu club in this area.