Mar. 28, 2016

Serbian Jujutsu Cup ("Tsubota Cup"), 2013

On Saturday 23rd of November 2013, Serbian Budo Council organized 10th national Jujutsu Cup, hosted by Jujutsu club "Panther" in Šabac. There were over 140 competitors from 15 clubs. Competition was conducted under the rules of SPORT JUJUTSU, JUJUTSU KATA, MIX KUMITE and SPORT KENJUTSU (chanbara). All of the participating clubs won medals. The most successful were clubs from Vlaški Do, Požarevac, Šabac and Petrovac, each winning 30-40 medals.

Special guest of the competition was sensei Stephen Leifeld from Germany, president of German Judo Federation, member of World Judo Federation. We give our thanks to the host and, particularly, to all the referees who have helped this tournament to end successfully, within planned schedule and without any injuries.

Next national competition in Serbia will be held under the auspices of new-founded Serbian Ju-Jitsu Union, which will take over all the responsibilities for national jujutsu competitions in Serbia. (Please, use Google Translate tool for full translation of more detailed text in Serbian language).