Mar. 28, 2016

Seminars abroad (Hungary, Romania), 2014

Members of Serbian Budo Council (SBC) headed by president Dr. Ivica Zdravkovic, have participated on February 22nd and April 26th in two international seminars u Budapest (Hungary) and Timişoara (Romania). In February the host of the seminar was the Zen Nihon Taiho Jutsu Do, run by sensei Tamás Pospischil from Budapest, 7 DAN jujutsu in Nippon Seibukan, with HQ in Japan. Seminar was used for transmission of Sekiguchi Ryu Batto - Jutsu style, from Dr. Zdravkovic to friends from Hungary. As a result of this teaching, soke of SGR Toshiyasu Yamada sensei has promoted three new black belt holders in SGR, Tamash sensei and his son, as well as Spálovský Csaba sensei. Thus, Sekiguchi Ryu got another branch in Europe, beside the ones in Serbia, Italy, and Kazakhstan.

During weekend 26 - 27 April SBC members took participation on 2nd European gathering (KENSA KIKAN) of Nippon Seibukan, with presence of sensei from Kyoto. This seminar was held u Timişoara, Romania, with participation of near 150 participants from Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Spain and Japan. Once again, Serbian team and shidoin I. Zdravkovic have taught other students in basic techniques of kenjutsu. It was a pleasure to meet again the old friends: Yasuo Kawano, Koji Uchiyama, Robert Manole, Gregor Laszlo, Bogdan Alic, Dr. Barrera, Doru Galan, Robi Badlion, Oltean Petru, Mugurel Suba, Adrian Butniaru, Tamás Pospischil, Csaba Spálovský and many others.