Mar. 28, 2016

HELP SERBIA - tournament 2014

On Sunday 25th of May 2014, the sport hall of Polytechnic school and Ju-jutsu club "Shinbukan" from Pozarevac, in cooperation with members of Serbian Budo Council and Serbian Ju-jitsu Union, hosted a charity sports tournament, "HELP OUR FATHERLAND". A Call for this gathering was responded by the representatives of seven clubs from Pozarevac, Kostolac, Vlaski Do, Kraljevo and Zrenjanin (along Shinbukan members, there were also members of two more Požarevac clubs, Požarevac real aikido club and Požarevac MMA club) . On the lineup there were 90 athletes who had competed in the disciplines of Sport Ju-jitsu and Japanese sport fencing (chanbara, kenjutsu). Competition passed in a friendly atmosphere, full of fair play, fine techniques, and most importantly, without injuries .

Small participation fees that are collected from competitors (and also some parents and members of clubs who did not compete) will be paid in next day or two to the accounts of local communities in villages of Veliko Selo (municipality of Malo Crnice) and Maljurevac (municipality of Pozarevac), which are heavilly affected by the recent floods. We have collected a total of about 300 euro. The hosts would like to thank the representatives of the clubs from Zrenjanin and Kraljevo, who, although having places and people who have been affected by the floods in their own neiborhood, have decided to come in Pozarevac, to pay their travel expenses and to pay the competition fee. We have asked these wonderfull friends to send the money they wanted to pay for participation to their own endangered communities.

Congratulations to all competitors for good fights and diplomas. Also, thanks to all coaches and organizers, judges and people of good will who have helped in any way the organization of this charity event. In particular we thank the local community of Vlaski Do, who had donated diplomas for competitors .

See you in October on new competitions of Serbian Ju-jitsu Union or Serbian Budo Council.