Mar. 28, 2016

German Judo Open - ISA European Cup 2014

On June 28th 2014 Dorsten in Germany hosted the traditional GERMAN JUDO OPEN tournament, which was also Internationall Shinbudo Association's European Cup in Judo, Sport Jujutsu, Sport kenjutsu and Grappling. Main host was Mr. Stephan Leifeld. There were 90 competitiros from Germany, Serbia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Greece... Serbian team was composed of 27 contestants from Požarevac, Kostolac, Nova Pazova, Vršac and Čajetina. The best male and femal competitors were Martin Heller from Czech Republic and Anika Syben from germany. Best team with 55 medals was team from Serbia. the best serbian competitior was Ivan Blagojevic, with 4 gold medals in senior concurrence (Sport Jujutsu, judo, Grappling, No-Gi grappling). Main referees were Mr. Leifeld in Judo, Dr. Ivica Zdravkovic in Sport Jujutsu, Mr. Dimitrios Kotsidis in Grappling, Mrs Adrijana Barsi and mr. Andy Flum in Sport Kenjutsu. Congratulations to all participants.