Mar. 28, 2016

Goshinkan Cup, 2014

On Saturday 22nd of November 2014, as a part of the festival "THE DAYS OF JAPAN", organized by GOSHINKAN Club of Martial Arts from Vrsac, headed by Miss. Adriana Barsi, 4th DAN Jujutsu, we also had GOSHINKAN Serbian Cup in jujutsu and chanbara. This event was sanctioned by Serbian Budo Council (SBC). Competition in Ju-Jutsu and Chanbara (modern Japanese fencing ) took place in sport beautiful hall "Millennium". This event was also part of activities of the national sport federation "SPORT FOR ALL", where SBC has full membership. Competition was attended by 140 participants from ten clubs and sections: Vrsac, Pozarevac, Kostolac, Belgrade, Čajetina, Bela Crkva, Vlaški Do, Petrovac, Deliblato, Backa Palanka. Competition was opened by host, Adriana Barsi sensei, followed by board member of the Association "Sport for All", Prof. Dr. Dusan Mitic, President of SBC, Prim. Dr. Ivica Zdravkovic, and Miss Julkica Mitrašinović, officer in charge of sports within the Municipality of Vrsac.

Competition went smoothly, in a great atmosphere and even better organization. The contestants competed in chanbara disciplines of Kodachi (short sword), Choken (long sword) and NITO (fight with two swords), as well as disciplines Mix Kumite and Sport Jujutsu. In addition to excellent performance of the most of competitors, who shave shown remarkable fighting skills, excelllent refereing is another impression hat myst be emphasized. Congratulations to all medal winners, all coaches and instructors.