Mar. 28, 2016

On Sunday 25th of May 2014, the sport hall of Polytechnic school and Ju-jutsu club "Shinbukan" from Pozarevac, in cooperation with members of Serbian Budo Council and Serbian Ju-jitsu Union, hosted a charity sports tournament, "HELP OUR FATHERLAND". A Call for this gathering was responded by the representatives of seven clubs from Pozarevac, Kostolac, Vlaski Do, Kraljevo and Zrenjanin (along Shinbukan members, there were also members of two more Požarevac clubs, Požarevac real aikido club and Požarevac MMA club) . On the lineup there were 90 athletes who had competed in the disciplines of Sport Ju-jitsu and Japanese sport fencing (chanbara, kenjutsu). Competition passed in a friendly atmosphere, full of fair play, fine techniques, and most importantly, without injuries .

Small participation fees that are collected from competitors (and also some parents and members of clubs who did not compete) will be paid in next day or two to the accounts of local communities in villages of Veliko Selo (municipality of Malo Crnice) and Maljurevac (municipality of Pozarevac), which are heavilly affected by the recent floods. We have collected a total of about 300 euro. The hosts would like to thank the representatives of the clubs from Zrenjanin and Kraljevo, who, although having places and people who have been affected by the floods in their own neiborhood, have decided to come in Pozarevac, to pay their travel expenses and to pay the competition fee. We have asked these wonderfull friends to send the money they wanted to pay for participation to their own endangered communities.

Congratulations to all competitors for good fights and diplomas. Also, thanks to all coaches and organizers, judges and people of good will who have helped in any way the organization of this charity event. In particular we thank the local community of Vlaski Do, who had donated diplomas for competitors .

See you in October on new competitions of Serbian Ju-jitsu Union or Serbian Budo Council.

Mar. 28, 2016

Members of Serbian Budo Council (SBC) headed by president Dr. Ivica Zdravkovic, have participated on February 22nd and April 26th in two international seminars u Budapest (Hungary) and Timişoara (Romania). In February the host of the seminar was the Zen Nihon Taiho Jutsu Do, run by sensei Tamás Pospischil from Budapest, 7 DAN jujutsu in Nippon Seibukan, with HQ in Japan. Seminar was used for transmission of Sekiguchi Ryu Batto - Jutsu style, from Dr. Zdravkovic to friends from Hungary. As a result of this teaching, soke of SGR Toshiyasu Yamada sensei has promoted three new black belt holders in SGR, Tamash sensei and his son, as well as Spálovský Csaba sensei. Thus, Sekiguchi Ryu got another branch in Europe, beside the ones in Serbia, Italy, and Kazakhstan.

During weekend 26 - 27 April SBC members took participation on 2nd European gathering (KENSA KIKAN) of Nippon Seibukan, with presence of sensei from Kyoto. This seminar was held u Timişoara, Romania, with participation of near 150 participants from Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Spain and Japan. Once again, Serbian team and shidoin I. Zdravkovic have taught other students in basic techniques of kenjutsu. It was a pleasure to meet again the old friends: Yasuo Kawano, Koji Uchiyama, Robert Manole, Gregor Laszlo, Bogdan Alic, Dr. Barrera, Doru Galan, Robi Badlion, Oltean Petru, Mugurel Suba, Adrian Butniaru, Tamás Pospischil, Csaba Spálovský and many others.

Mar. 28, 2016

NEW YEAR'S SHINBUKAN CUP was held on December 21st 2013 in SHINBUKAN DOJO in Pozarevac.

Over 100 competitiors came from 9 clubs. Host of the event was Dr. Ivica Zdravkovic,
head instructor of SHINBIKAN and President of SERBIAN BUDO COUNCIL.
This was another friendly gathering in now rich history of our activities,
devoted to the idea of amatheur sport, recreation and "SPORT FOR ALL".
Competitiors participaded in two disciplines, SPORT JUJUTSU (MIX KUMITE for kids) and SPORT KENJUTSU.

Mar. 28, 2016

On Saturday 23rd of November 2013, Serbian Budo Council organized 10th national Jujutsu Cup, hosted by Jujutsu club "Panther" in Šabac. There were over 140 competitors from 15 clubs. Competition was conducted under the rules of SPORT JUJUTSU, JUJUTSU KATA, MIX KUMITE and SPORT KENJUTSU (chanbara). All of the participating clubs won medals. The most successful were clubs from Vlaški Do, Požarevac, Šabac and Petrovac, each winning 30-40 medals.

Special guest of the competition was sensei Stephen Leifeld from Germany, president of German Judo Federation, member of World Judo Federation. We give our thanks to the host and, particularly, to all the referees who have helped this tournament to end successfully, within planned schedule and without any injuries.

Next national competition in Serbia will be held under the auspices of new-founded Serbian Ju-Jitsu Union, which will take over all the responsibilities for national jujutsu competitions in Serbia. (Please, use Google Translate tool for full translation of more detailed text in Serbian language).

Mar. 28, 2016

During weekend of 19-20 of October 2013 Serbian Budo Council (SBC) has organized its 8th National Championship on mountain Zlatibor. On the first day of gathering we had a technical seminar, which was focused on basic techniques applied in Sport jujutsu. Seminar was run by Dr. Ivica Zdravkovic, president of SBC. After that, the General Assembly of SBC had its meeting, with near 25 of active instructors participating. Some major decisions were made on this session, including election of new Board of SBC, decision about the calendar for 2014, discussion and conclusions about the sport rules in the future, and formation of new national Serbian Ju-Jitsu Union.

On Sunday 20th of October, we had large National championships, with near 140 participants from 17 Serbian clubs. Entire event was well organized, supported by the local government of Cajetina town. We all give our thanks to host, sensei Radisa Spasojevic, who is running "SHOGUN" jujutsu club in this area.