DR. IVICA ZDRAVKOVIC, Kyoshi, 8th DAN, Shihan of Shinbukan

Begun training 1979 in local judo club. Studied judo and karate from local teachers. Started training weapon martial arts, in 1980', because ninjutsu was popular. Received black belt in 1991 in budo (system of mixed judo and karate with weapons added - in local club). Studied aikido, judo, karate and weapon arts in Belgrade clubs since 1989 till 2005. Begun teaching in his Budo club founded in 1991. Founded with several yudansha the Serbian Budo Council in 1994. Promoted in Jujutsu, Kenjutsu, Karate and Judo by local sensei in Serbia in mid-1990's. In 1999 recognized as Jujutsu Yondan from American Judo & Jujutsu Federation and American Ju-Jitsu Association. Same year registered as Yondan Jujutsu in Serbian Ju-Jutsu Federation.

Learned martial arts on seminars in Serbia, America, England, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Japan. Promoted to Godan Jujutsu and Godan Aiki Jujutsu in 2001 by Ian Stewart sensei, Aiki Jujutsu hanshi from England, who is certified by Arnold Davies hanshi, student of Kenshiro Abbe sensei (graduate of Dai Nippon Butoku Kai). Promoted to Godan Kenjutsu by George Anderson (who has received his Hanshi title from Masafumi Suzuki of Nippon Seibukan) and by Bruce R. Bethers of Martial Arts International Federation on March 10, 2004. Promoted to Rokudan Jujutsu by George Anderson and Bruce Bethers of Martial Arts International Federation on February 19, 2006. Promoted to Sandan Judo by Martial Arts International Federation in 2005 and by Don Cunningham sensei of USA Judo in 2009. Promoted to Yondan Judo under World Judo Federation in 2013. Promoted to 5th DAN judo under Judo Black Belt Association of International Freestyle Judo association in 2018. Promoted to Menkyo Chuden in Karate-Do (equal to Karate Sandan) by European Budo Council in 2008. Promoted to Godan in Sports Chanbara by Tanabe Tetsundo kaicho and Kenichi Hosokawa hanshi in 2007. Promoted to Kyoshi in KOBUDO (kenjutsu and Aiki Jujutsu), with rank 8th Dan by Phil Scudieri, Nippon Seibukan Hanshi (licensed in Japan) in 2016. Promoted to Aikido Yudansha by several martial arts organizations and instructors from Serbia (Ki aikido branch), Bosnia & Herzegovina (Tomiki aikido branch) and from USA (Yoshinkan branch). Promoted to 7th Dan Jujutsu by MAIF (2009). Promoted to Menkyo Chuden in Sekiguchi Ryu Batto Jutsu and Shibucho for Serbia by soke Toshiyasu Yamada from Japan. Received title of SHIHAN in Shinbudo, system of modern Sport Jujutsu and Sport Kenjutsu - diploma from MAIF, 2009

Former Technical Director in Serbian Ju-Jutsu Federation, which is member of Ju-Jitsu International Federation (JJIF). One of founders of Kokusai Gendai Budo Renmei (HQ in USA). Founder and former president of Kenjutsu International Association of Instructors (KIAI), which is now with HQ in USA. Founder and former chief instructor of Serbian Sport Chanbara Association, registered in ISCA, Japan. One of founders of European Budo Council, organization which held several European Budo Games in Croatia and Germany.


World Martial Arts Games, Germany 2007, Gold - iaido kata.
World Martial Arts Games, Germany 2007, Silver - Sport jujutsu fights.
European Sports Chanbara Championship, Italy 2006, Silver - Tanto
European Sports Chanbara Championship, Russia 2005, Bronze - Iai
European Budo Games, Germany 2008, Bronze -Sport jujutsu fights.
Jujutsu Open, Bosnia & Herzegovina 2007, Gold - Jujutsu kata
Placed amnog best 8 on two World Sport Championships in Japan, 2008. and 2009.


Owner of informal private SHINBUKAN school in Serbia, where he teaches AIKI-JUJUTSU and KENJUTSU (individual and small group classes). Founder and CEO of International Shinbudo Association. Kyoshi 8. DAN Kobudo (Aiki Jujutsu and kenjutsu) from Nippon Seibukan Hanshi Phil Scudieri (2016), 7th DAN Jujutsu (shihan) in Martial Arts International Federation (USA HQ, Washington). Kenjutsu Renshi 5th DAN under Nippon Seibukan Japan Academy (2010) and Zen Nihon Sogo Budo Renmei (JAPAN HQ, Kyoto). Shibucho for Sekiguchi Ryu Batto Jutsu (Yamada-Ha, Japan). Yudansha in judo, karate, aikido/aikijujutsu and chanbara. East European representatiove (Machi Bugyo) for Edo Machi-kata Taiho Jutsu. Founder of NIPPON KEMPO SERBIA team, which is participating on international and world championships. International Sport Jujutsu referee, won special award for "Referee of the year" in USA 2008. International Sport Chanbara and Spot Kenjutsu referee.


8th Dan Kobudo (Aiki jujutsu and kenjutsu) - by Phil Scudieri hanshi, member of Nippon Seibukan academy of Kyoto, Japan, 2016

7th Dan Jujutsu - by George Anderson hanshi, 2009, on behalf of Martial Arts Intrenational Federation (MAIF). Mr. Anderson is also hanshi under late Masafumi Suzuki, founder of Nipon Seibukan Academy in Kyoto, Japan. Anderson sensei was also one of founders of JJIF, Ju-Jitsu International Federation. MAIF president is Dr. Paul Hoglund, former president of JJIF. This 7th DAN cerificate is also signed by Bruce R. Bethers sensei, president of USA and Pan-American Ju-Jitsu Union, memers of JJIF.

Menkyo Okuden Jujutsu - by Bret Dennison sensei, 2004, on behalf of Kokusai Gendai Budo Renmei (USA)

Menkyo Okuden 6th DAN Nihon Goshin Jutsu - by Dr. J.M.Barerra hanshi, 2011, on behalf of Kokusai Budo Kiosujo

5th Dan Aiki Jujitsu - by Ian Stewart sensei, 2001, on behalf of Cougar Martial Arts Association, UK

5th DAN Kenjutsu - by Yasuo Kawano hanshi, 2010, on behalf of Nippon Seibukan and ZNSBR

5th DAN Tanto - by Tetsundo Tanabe hanshi, 2007, on behalf of International Sport Chanbara & Goshindo Association (ISCA)

5th DAN Judo - by Steve |scott, president of Judo Black belt Association on behalf of International Freestyle Judo Association, 2018

4th DAN Choken - by Tetsundo Tanabe hanshi, 2007, on behalf of International Sport Chanbara & Goshindo Association (ISCA)

4th DAN Kodachi - by Tetsundo Tanabe hanshi, 2007, on behalf of International Sport Chanbara & Goshindo Association (ISCA)

Machi bugyo in Edo Machigata Taiho Jutsu - by Don Cunningham sensei, USA

Menkyo Chuden Sekiguchi Ryu batto Jutsu - by Toshiyasu Yamada soke, 2011, Yamada-Ha, Gifu, Japan

Menkyo Chuden Karate-Do - by Henrik Hansson sensei, 2008, on behalf of European Budo Council

3rd DAN Kenpo-karate jutsu and MMA (Hungarian Kempo Federation, 2013)

2nd DAN Nunchaku-do, by Arnold Davies sensei, 2004, on behalf of Bushido Zazen International Society (UK)

2nd DAN Aikido (Tomiki aikido, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ki-Aikido, Serbia, 2010)

1st DAN Yoshinkan Aikido - by Kasey Keckeisen sensei, 2010, on behalf of USA Yoshinkan organization.